• We put at your disposal a flexible fleet adapted to your everyday needs. Thanks to the variable movement of the loads, you only pay for the services you need without having to maintain a permanent fleet. One simple call and we will supply you with the vehicle you need when you need it.


  • All Areatrans vehicles are equipped with security measures to ensure the integrity of goods..
  • Areatrans staff are trained in security protocols and occupational hazards to reduce risks both to goods and to the health of our drivers.
  • All our journeys are insured to guarantee the economic value of the goods against damages caused by possible accidents.


  • Some companies reduce costs by dispensing with professionals, delegating delivery tasks to those with little or no professionalism. Bad choice of delivery staff has consequences, such as:
    • Shortcomings in the handling and treatment of goods.
    • Lack of organisational capacity for the effective management of delivery routes, with subsequent delays and loss of goods.
    • Legal problems caused by complaints from the civil and administrative authorities.
    • Lack of training, which can significantly alter the image the company presents to its customers.
  • At Areatrans we only work with qualified and experienced professionals.